Beuchat Jet Fin rubber fins with springs



O-rings for Sitech Quick glove

a pair of o-rings.

O-ring between the cylinder and a valve. M18x 1,5

M18x 1,5

O-ring between cylinder and valve. (M25x2)


Lead weight 4 kg

3-finger Dry Gloves, Sitech

A sturdy and reliable dryglove for cold waters and heavy duty work. The 3-finger construction putting 2+2 fingers side by side helps the fingers to stay warm during long duration dives in cold waters.

One size fits most.

Sitech QCS Oval ring system

The QCS Oval provides the user with the opportunity of quickly changing a torn or broken seal. It also offer a modularity to choose from a variety of seals. QCS Oval has a narrow and oval shape that makes it compact and comfortable.

QCS Oval manufactured after May 2013 is fully compatible with the ANTARES Dry Glove System. The design and obvious benefits makes it ideal to mount into suits and garments for other watersports, for example; kayaking and sailing.


Inflator tool

Enluva Wool Gloves

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Repair Tape

Very strong tape for repairing almost anything.



Eezycut Trilobite

Very handy line cutter, including sheath and two spare blades.


MP port 90°

With swivel

SMB, semiclosed YELLOW

Semi-closed buoy, length 120cm.


90° angle to HP hose

Swivel included

HP port Splitter

Shaft yoke