559,00580,00 sis/incl ALV/VAT

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#1 is a completely new model in Scubamafia line of lights.

It is specially designed to meet the requirements for flight traveling and still having the power and burntime needed in extreme overhead conditions.
Capacity of the batterypack is well below IATA limits, and there are no restrictions for carrying the #1 in hand luggage. Just disconnect the battery and fly!
Canister machined from solid piece of delrin. Length 207 mm, diameter 56mm.
Head machined of aluminium, black anodized. The head is equipped with adjustable bungee handle.
1 led, 15w, 7° focused spot, 5 hrs burn time..
Torch is CE-approved.
Dry weight 950g.
Depth rating 300m.
2 year warranty.
Powered by 75 Wh 11,1V Lithium-ion battery.
Delivered with 1 A charger. Recharge time from complete discharge 7 hrs.

Charger is provided with European cord and it is compatible with 110-240V grids.

When choosing a custom length cable, please describe the length you need in comments before choosing payment method.
Max. length of the cable is 2,0 meters.

Additional information

Describe the desired length in comments, Standard, 115cm