Batterypack with E/O-cord 388,5Wh (35Ah)

895,00 sis/incl ALV/VAT


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Batterypack with one power outlet with E/O-cord.

You can choose the assembly you want. Three differend lightheads available from focused spot to 150 degrees flood video light.
Canister can also be used to power your  heated undersuit, gloves or vest. Any other 12V device can also be used, just check the polarity of the cable. (minus is male in this one)
388,5Wh capacity of the Lithium-Ion battery pack is enough to deliver power for example the 55w heating vest about 7,5 hours.

Canister machined from solid piece of delrin.

Length of the canister 295 mm, diameter 80mm.
Depth rating 300m.

2 year warranty.

Battery capacity is 388,5 Wh and voltage 11,1 V.

Charger included: